Follow these 5 steps to sign up to serve in a foster home through Bat Ami:



Find Sherut Options



Make an Account


In order to sign up for interviews, you must make an account on the Bat Ami website. Click here for a tutorial. Note: you do not need a teudat zehut (Israeli identity card) to create an account. When they ask for it, you should be able to use your passport number, although oftentimes it does not work. Contact Bat Ami at *2696 if you are having trouble using your passport number and they will give you temporary identity number.



Fill Out The Guidance Questionnaire


 In order to apply for Sherut Leumi, you must fill out and submit a questionnaire. You need to answer in Hebrew, but basic Hebrew should be just fine. They use the questionnaire so they can keep track of who is applying. If you do not have a teudat zehut, call *2696 in order to get a substitute number to fill in. 

           Click here for a link to the questionnaire.

             Click here for a translation of the questionnaire.



Mark Off Preferred Interview (Sheelon Haadafot)

In order to be accepted to have a sayeret at a foster home, you must fill out the Sheelon Haadafot. Some time in December or January, a document called the Sheelon Haadafot will be made available to fill out on the Bat Ami website. In order to fill out the Sheelon Haadafot, follow these instructions:


1. Log into your Bat Ami account

2. Click on מידע למתנדבים on the home page under that big picture

3. Click on the green graphic of two arrows labeled מיונים

4.  Mark down your top five choices of foster homes or kfarei noar in the list on the bottom

5. Click שמור שינויים



Asnat (she understands English!)



 Look through the following list of Bat Ami Batei Yeled (foster homes) and Kfarei Noar (youth villages). Note that the list includes the name of the Sherut place, Shabbat requirements, living arrangements, religious/chiloni, type of group, works hours and ages of population. You can also look on the websites of some of the places for more information. 

Receiving A Confirmation Email

Shortly after, Bat Ami will send you an email with a list of places where they will allow you to interview based on the Sheelon Haadafot that you filled out. Immediately upon receiving the email, you must reply that you received it. A few days after you receive the email, the process to sign up for sayarot is the same as every other Sherut Leumi option. Click
here to read about the sayarot process for Bat Ami.