Follow these 4 steps to sign up for Sherut Leumi through Haaguda Lehitnadvut:

Find Sherut Options

Search through the Sherut Leumi options until you find a few (maximum of five) places that you’d be interested in visiting and interviewing at. In order to search options, go to https://sherut-leumi.co.il/datiot/ and click the red button that says חיפוש מקום שירות. Enter your various interests and preferred locations and then press חפש. Options that match your criteria will appear. 

here for a translated list of the Sherut Leumi options that you can search through on the Here Next Year website.




Make An Account

On the top left of the Haagudah Lehitnadvut homepage click on משתמשת חדשה לחצי כאן. Fill out your Teudat Zehut (identity number) and the password you want. Please note: You may only start the sayarot process through Haagudah Lehitnadvut if you already have a Teudat Zehut (not just a Teudat Zehut number, but a physical Teudat Zehut)


Fill Out The Guidance Questionnaire

In order to apply for Sherut Leumi, every girl must fill out and submit a simple questionnaire. You need to answer in Hebrew, but basic Hebrew should be just fine. They use the questionnaire so they can keep track of who is applying. No Sherut places you’re applying to will see this!

           Click here for a link to the questionnaire.

             Click here for a translation of the questionnaire.


Sign up for Sayarot (Interviews)

Go to the Haaguda Lehitnadvut website and sign into your account by inputting your Teudat Zehut number and password and then clicking אישור.

Click on הרשמה לסיירות on the right side of the page. 
Search for the sayeret you want to sign up for by writing all or part of the name of the placement in the row that says לפי מילה. Click חפש in order to search. In the left most column, next to the name of the institution whose sayeret you want to sign up for, click רשום אותי (sign me up). Once you click רשום אותי the name of the sayeret

will show up under the סיירות שבחרתי tab.



Go To Sayarot

Check out our Guide to Sayarot here, which includes tips and information about the sayarot, including personal experiences of former bnot sherut bodedot.


After you go to your sayarot, you will begin to hear back from each place regarding whether you are accepted or not. If you are accepted, you’ll usually have around 1-2 weeks to let the place know whether you will be serving there.


If you didn’t like or didn’t get accepted to any of the places where you interviewed, speal with your Here Next Year Rakezet, and she will help you find additional places to visit.