How do I apply to Minhal Hastudentim

You need to apply for this benefit before November 10th 



Step by step guide: 

Go to Misrad Haklita and request a password to open a Tik (an account) 

Click here to open an account at Minhal Hastudentim 


Documents that you need to upload to your account: 

  • Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut

  • Original high school diploma & transcripts. 

  • Certificates from Ulpan or Mechina if you did them

  • Record of army or national service if you did it

  • Letter of acceptance to your university

  • An Academic Financial Balance payment receipt (אישור גובה שכר לימוד) and your bank account information - with a cancelled check, or a letter from your bank. (Unless you are enrolled in BIU and Ariel, who are reimbursed directly)


Present the originals to the Minhal Hastudentim in Misrad Haklita 

  • For a more in depth explanation and updated details please click here to check out the NBN page. 

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