The decision to join the IDF is both an enormous privilege and responsibility. After thousands of years of national homelessness, this generation has the extraordinary opportunity to put on a uniform and serve in the Jewish army in the Jewish State.


Serving in the IDF can be the most rewarding and challenging experience of one’s life.  The army is a humongous organization with endless complexities, nuances and exceptions, so the best way to be prepared is to become as informed as possible.

Please note, Here Next Year aims to offer the most up to date information on different programs. There is always the possibility that changes have been made, of which we are still unaware. Feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries, and we will put you in touch with those able to offer the most up to date information.


  "ואתם תעברו חמשים לפני אחיכם כל גיבורי החיל ועזרתם אותם"

(יהושע 1:14)

 "All you mighty men of valor shall pass over before your brothers, ready for battle, and should help them"


This section includes a list of units that tend to be popular amongst Anglo lone soldiers.


There are thousands of jobs in the army, including combat and non-combat positions. Each job is integral to the overall functioning of the army in peacetime and war. This section includes a list of units that tend to be popular amongst Anglo Lone Soldiers. It will give you a taste of the various jobs the army has to offer and help point you in the right direction. Keep an openmind - Although you’ll have the opportunity to request a specific unit, there is no guarantee that the army will grant your request.


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Here Next Year | Combat Units
Here Next Year | Non-Combat Units


There are many programs through which religious Lone Soldiers can serve in the IDF. Click on the pictures below to learn more about the various tracks.

Machal is an 18-month IDF program through which non-Israeli citizens can serve in the army. Men aged 18-23 and women aged 18-20 are eligible to join Machal. Click here to learn more about Machal, Machal Hesder, Garin Machal and Lev LaChayal. 

Olim can serve in the army through several different programs. Standard army service for citizens of Israel is 2 years and 8 months for men and 2 years for women, while Hesder, a program for religious men, includes 18 months of active army service and 24 months of Yeshiva study. Click here to learn more about standard army service, Hesder, Garin Tzabar and Lev LaChayal. 

Women serve in both combat and non-combat units in the IDF. Women may serve through Machal for 18 months or as Israeli citizens for a year and eight months. Women who want to serve in combat positions must commit to two years and eight months of service. Click here to learn more about army service for women. 


Here Next Year | IDF
Here Next Year | IDF

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Check out this list of important terms that are used in the IDF and throughout our website. Learning this words is a great way to prepare for the IDF.