• Yonatan Rubin

HNY Israel Fair Recap

On December 5, 2015, Here Next Year hosted an Israel Fair for students looking to spend their future in Israel. Universities included Hebrew University, IDC, Technion, Bar Ilan, Tel Aviv University and many more. Other institutions included Nefesh B’ Nefesh, Lone Solider Programs, Bat Sherut programs and others. Positive thoughts and feelings were shared amongst over the 400 attendants. “I found it informative and enjoyed the overall experience,” said Phillip Nagler, a student studying in Yeshivat Shaalvim, “The event helped make the Aliyah picture clear and I look forward to the next event.”

Here Next Year is a program designed to smoothen the Aliyah process for 18 - 20 year old Dati-Anglos after their year studying in Israel. Making Aliyah at this young age comes with many hurdles. These include parental approval from America, language and cultural barriers and lack of clarity on army/sherut leumi options. Here Next Year will be hosting many other programs throughout the year including Shabbatonim, and other events where students can meet other like-minded individuals who want to spend their immediate futures in Israel.

Ambassadors have been appointed to help organize and plan events. Ambassadors are young individuals who know they want to spend their futures here, in Israel.