Ulpanat Tzvia Yetziratit is a unique high school for girls in grades 9-12. The girls are given the option to choose between different art majors like architecture, graphic arts and dance. There is an excellent teacher staff that aims to educate the girls and raise a generation of creative and religious girls learning arts in an atmosphere of Torah values together with a lot of love, warmth, and personal connections. The bat sherut joins the action with a cohesive and supportive staff. Every bat sherut receives a grade and accompanies it throughout the year, creating special connections with the girls, whether in personal conversations, advice and just being a role-model for girls – and becomes a person who is especially loved by the girls. In addition to this, the bnot sherut accompany the girls who are struggling educationally and socially. They run activities in classes and amongst the whole school. Hours of work: Around the clock

אולפנת צביה יצירתית

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