Ulpanat Tzvia is a big ulpana that is mainly for the Jerusalem and surrounding population. The ulpana runs in the spirit of Harav Tzvi Yehuda Kook. There is a wonderful staff that puts an emphasis on a good level of learning and many social and cultural activities. The job of most bnot sherut in the ulpana is to guide each grade. The bat sherut creates a personal connection with the girls, give over the weekly parsha, run class activity nights, madricha-hour, organize seminars as well as shabbatot every so often. Sometimes one of the bnot sherut is in charge of a kita mikademet, strengthens the girls in studies, goes on tiyulim with them, and organizes social and cultural night events. The connections between the bnot sherut and the girls are created throughout the year, and the bnot sherut are leading religious examples for the girls.

אולפנת צביה ירושלים

  • High Schools