Amit girls school is a middle and highschool for girls in Ma'aleh Adumim. The students want a religious education but do not go to Ulpanot or Yeshiva highschools. The bat sherut should initiate social activities for the high school classes, as well as providing academic assistance one on one or in groups. The bnot sherut are an integral part of the school's staff and are treated with warmth and love. Bnot sherut should provide students with an example to follow. They should have a strong academic background, in order to allow them to provide learning assistance. In the afternoon, the bnot sherut choose a way to help the community. After-care for welfare families, mentorships, teens, special needs children, elderly, care for the children of Ethiopian immigrants, care center for special needs children, afternoon programs (tzaharon), or anything they choose which can help the community. Hours: 8:00-15:30

אמי"ת בנות

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