Givat HaTachmoshet was a Jordanian post that was captured by the Tzanchanim unit during the 6-Day War. The post was turned into a state memorial site and a museum, dedicated to marking the liberation of Jerusalem in the 6-Day War and the perpetuating the memory of the 182 fallen in the battle for the unification of Jerusalem. The bat sherut is part of the tour guide staff of the site, who hold a variety of activities for youth, soldiers, and adults on the topic of the campaign for Jerusalem during the years 1948-1967. Among the activities are: Experiential tours on the Givat HaTachmoshet and in the Jerusalem quarters, workshops, and seminar days. (There may be days of not giving tours, but rather working in the tour center). Likewise, there is an information center on the site that includes an archival library and an information database being built – the bat sherut will be involved in meaningful work there as well, such as building lesson plans etc. Requirements: Girls who have good tour giving capabilities, good communication with people, ability to stand in front of a crowd, fluid manner of speech, the will and readiness to work during vacations and flexible hours. Knowledge of an additional language (English, French) a plus. It is possible that this may be combined with tour giving on another heritage site in the area.

אתר הנצחה גבעת התחמושת

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