Har Hatzofim hospital is relatively small and intimate hospital, offering a warm and nice treatment of the patients. The bnot shreut join the staff of the hospital, including the nurses, doctors, volunteers and so on. Each bat sherut joins a department and helps the workers there- organizing the department, changing the sheets, errands, accompanying patients to their tests, and so on. There is also an option to help with the telephone responses, reception, filing, and so on…the bat sherut becomes an inseperable part of the department and the entire hospital. The patients as well as the staff appreciate and recognize the bnot sherut throughout the year. The staff allows for the volunteers to take initiative and contribute which strengthens the feelings of satisfaction and giving even more. This isn’t recommended for girls who live far from Jerusalem as they are still expected to arrive on time Sunday mornings after travelling home for Shabbat. Hours of work: 8:00-16:00 and alternating every other Friday.

ביה"ח הדסה הר הצופים ירושלים

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