Ein Karem Hospital, located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Karem. Nursing- in the hospital you will gain experience in a variety of medical fields in the different departments: children, babies, maternity ward, internal medicine, emergency medicine, day treatments, and so on. The sherut leumi volunteers are active participants in everything that happens in the department, are significant help to the medical staff , from medical help to technical help. In addition the bnot sherut serve in the dental departments as assistants to the doctors. Medical administration- these volunteers help in the reception, respond to telephone calls, and help the medical secretary staff. These volunteers become professional in the computer systems of the hospital and have an effect on how good the service can be to whoever needs. Medical assistant- after going through a training course of the ministry of health, help the physicians in whatever is needed. Hours of work: 8:00-16:00

ביה"ח הדסה עין כרם ירושלים

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