Shaarei Tzedek Hospital is one of the bigger hospitals in Jerusalem. There are around 125 Bnot (and bney) Sherut that volunteer there. They occupy all of the departments, institutions, and labs that are in the hospital and are an integral and significant part of the medical staff. Ayelet Cohen, the rakezet of Ha’Agudah and Itah Zilaberman, the administrator of volunteer services at Shaarei Tzedek, together accompany the Bnot Sherut throughout in a day to day manner. The bnot/banim become an important part of the staff and earn much appreciation and recognition from the other staff for their work. The volunteers join the work of the different departments; working the machinges (ekg, pregnancy monitors, and so on), patient and family reception, computer work, treating samples, and so on…(the work is very dependent on which department) Hours of work: The work in the departments is in shifts according to the “work order,” which is determined each week according to the needs of the department and the volunteers. Administrative work is 8:00-16:00

ביה"ח שערי צדק ירושלים

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