Amit Children’s Home has eight mishpachtonim (family units). In each group there are bnot sherut, a couple and twelve children, ages 6-14. There are two external groups, in which the children come to the Children’s Home after school and then go home to their families at around 6:30 PM. Each external group has two bnot sherut. Bnot sherut, who work in the external groups, do not have to stay for Shabbat. The framework of the Children’s Home is very intense around the clock work, from the early morning until late at night. Bnot sherut stay for Shabbat every other week and get one day off every two weeks. Each bat sherut gets personalised professional guidance. There is a shiur and chug for the bnot sherut once every two weeks.

בית הילד אמי״ת

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