The rehabilitation hospital of Reut includes a wide-range of rehabilitative departments for people of all ages. Reut Hospital gives personal care to each person until he or she returns to their daily routine. The patients of Reut come to the hospital after medical treatments in hospitals due to vehicle accidents, terror attacks, injuries in the army, etc. The bnot sherut are assigned a department and become an indispensible member of the staff. The departments include: rehabilitation for youth, rehabilitation for adults, the elderly, nursing (long-term stay) and children. The bnot sherut are integrated both into the office work and the personal work. Tasks include: help in receiving patients, dealing with cases, answering telephones, help with organizing and serving food, personal connections with patients through speaking with them, playing with them, getting to know their families, accompanying them to various departments and paramedical treatment. Throughout the year, bnot sherut receive support, guidance, training and learn professional and personal tools. Bnot sherut receive lunch in the lunchroom of the hospital staff. Girls who choose to do two years of service in the hospital take a medical secretary course.

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