Ilanot is a school for children affected by cerebral palsy and other degenerative diseases. The school has about 74 students ages 6-21, divided into 12 classes. Cerebral palsy is a disorder of the central nervous system that causes impaired motor function, varying from imperfect muscle control to total loss of control. Cerebral palsy is often also accompanied by slurred speech or no speech; damaged sensory dysfunction and learning disabilities. Ilanot is a regional state school for the children of the Jerusalem area; Ma'ale Adumim; Mate Yehuda; East Jerusalem; Beit Shemesh; Jordan Valley; Ashkelon; Center; Modiin and more. Requirements: The bat sherut works at the school on Sunday-Thursday from 8:00 until the afternoon (3:00; 4:00; 5:00 - varies by day). In addition, once a week the girls accompany the students to a training session until 8:00. The bat sherut is a part of the staff of the school and helps students in various fields. The bat sherut serves as an assistant in the classroom; she offers help to students in their studies, socially, and emotionally. The job includes nursing jobs (food; bathroom). We are looking for a warm and devoted girl who is able to work with the special needs population.

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