Beit Sefer Hatanah is happy to accept bnot sherut for positions in the gan and younger grades of the school. The students in Hatteneh have difficult mental and developmental disabilities and are in need of a lot of help and support. Each one of the bnot sherut is assigned to a class and become an indispensable part of the school’s staff. Due to the multi-systems injuries of the students, their day is packed and includes a variety of treatments. Each bat sherut guides her class through all of the treatments in the equipped treatment rooms, in the courtyards, in the classroom and on trips outside of the school building. Despite their difficult disabilities the students communicate, each in their own way, with the school’s staff, and the bnot sherut learn a lot about alternative communication. The bnot sherut in the school enjoy the work and find it challenging and fulfilling.

בי"ס הטנה

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