Aleh is located in the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem; it is a school for special education and and boarding schools for mentally challenged children. Aleh’s dorms are a home for about 70 children, ages 0-21, who need intensive support and assistance in performing daily activities such as eating, washing, and maintaining personal hygiene. It is an especially warm, family place!
Requirements: Bnot sherut will work with the children in kindergarten and at school between 7: 30-15: 30 daily, and once a week between 10:00-20:00 in the dorms. This includes individual work with the students such as assistance in the classroom, and nursing work like feeding, changing clothes, etc. Bnot sheirut must be able to work with children with special needs, with a special desire to encourage and strengthen them.
1. Shabbat in the dorms is mandatory once every month and a half
2. Can integrate with Bat Tzion Midrasha twice a week

בי״ס עלה

  • Special Needs Children Schools/Programs