Ben Yehuda is a secular elementary school for special education for children between the ages of 7-18- for kids with mild to moderate retardation. Their disabilities extend beyond the physical- they also suffer from emotional and behavioral problems. The school aims to help students reach their maximum academic potential, day-to-day functioning, and future employment. Requirements: Bnot sheirut work Sunday-Thursday from 7:30-14:30. They are an integral part of the school staff, helping in the classroom with learning, as well as social and emotional development in and out of the classroom. They help the school staff organize activities and events for the students. Three times a week, they must stay until 17:00 for the after-school “clubhouse”. Looking for warm and devoted girls, able to work with people with special needs, and willing to work hard and patiently with children.

בן יהודה

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