The ‘Bat Melech’ foundation runs a shelter for religous/Charedi women who are forced to leave their homes due to family violence. Each woman comes with her children for a six month period and lives in a housing unit in the shelter. During the day the children are kept busy by the b’not sheirut in the children's’ home, which is also located in the shelter.

The bat sheirut works mostly with the women’s children and babies. In the morning she is mainly with the younger ones (babies and preschool age), and in the afternoon she also works with the older kids, running activities and helping with homework. In the evening she maintains a connection with the mothers,and once a week organizes a women’s night, an art night, etc. The work includes rotating Shabbat shifts. Since the girls sleep at the place they are able to build a warm and significant relationship with the women. There is a professional staff at the shelter which accompanies the bnot sheirut with professional, warm, and supporting guidance. Girls are needed who love children, are patient, happy, creative, and mature to the extent that they are able to develop relationships and converse with women who have undergone traumas.

**You must sign ­up and attend miyunim mukdamim for this placement.**

בת מלך בית שמש

  • Women's Shelter