Scattered around Ma’ale Adumim are a number of different kinds of preschools (Gan).
1. Communication Gan – preschool for autistic children of all levels. The children suffer from communication problems, behavioral issues, and lack of attention and concentration. Some of the children cannot communicate verbally. The kids are sweet and captivating, and looking for warmth, acceptance, and love.
2. Developmentally Challenged Gan – preschool for children who are developmentally delayed. Most of them are later integrated into mainstream schools.
3. Language Gan – preschool for children who have speech and language problems. Some of them have behavioral issues as well.
The work is both collective and individual. In each Gan, there will be one Bat Sherut who will be an integral part of the staff. The Bat Sherut will have a significant part in the children and their development.
Hours: 8am – 4pm (plus some afternoon hours)

גן אנפה מעלה אדומים

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