The nursery school has a combination of both mainstream and special education students, with the goal of raising a new generation that is patient and accepting of others. The students learn to see the good that is in themselves and their surroundings and to create harmony within themselves, by accepting the differences in others. Working in the nursery school is both challenging and rewarding. The children in the gan are 2-7 years old and the gan itself is Charedi. The works hours are 7:30 to 15:30 on Sunday-Thursday, although once a week the bnot sherut need to stay until 17:00 to run an after-school program. Every classroom has a teacher, an assistant teacher and a bat sherut. The job of the bnot sherut is to assist in technical-organization aspects of the class, playing with the children and helping specific students who are having trouble. Each bat sherut can express her own talents by running an afternoon activity.

גן הרמוני

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