Gan Inbar is a special needs kindergarten for 10-12 children, aged 4-5, whom have challenges in language, behavior and development. The bat sherut who joins the wonderful, professional and cohesive staff, becomes an integral part of the place. She becomes connected to the children and is integrated in all fields of endeavor and work in the kindergarten. She also is responsible to help the children integrate in regular kindergartens throughout the week. Her contribution is tremendous both to the development of the children and in the continuous work in the kindergarten. Bnot Sherut are involved in every area of service in the community. Every girl chooses between options: welfare clubs, individual tutoring-welfare, youth wing, youth progress, children with special needs, the elderly, afternoon clubs for Ethiopian Olim, afternoon clubs for children with special needs, after-school activities and your own social initiatives that contribute to community involvement. Hours of work: 8:00-14:00

גן ענבר מעלה אדומים

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