Gan Rimonim is a kindergarten for children of ages 4-6. These are children who could not integrate properly into regular kindergartens due to behavioral problems. Often the behavioral problems are as a result of their abnormal living conditions that the children are exposed to, families at risk. The kindergarten provides an intensive framework of learning and treatment in order to prepare for first grade. There are additional people who provide different treatments for the children, for example psychologists, occupational therapists and more. The bnot sherut are integrated as part of the staff entirely. Helping children individually or in groups in learning and training, guidance in special classes, preparing activities and help in the management of the kindergarten. The work is full of action and is not always easy, but the satisfaction of seeing a child succeed is tremendous! For after hours, the bnot sherut can mentor children from the kindergarten or can volunteer within the community. Hours of work: 8:00-16:00 (In winter as well), and including Sunday and Friday till 12:00.

גן רימונים ירושלים

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