The service includes a morning position in education or welfare, according to the need and will of the bat sherut, and afternoon positions as a supervisor in the welfare moadonit (after-school childcare facility). The welfare moadonit is active 5 days a week between 13:00-21:00, with one off-day a week for the bat sherut. The moadon is for at-risk youth and is split into a 1st-3rd grade group and 4th-6th grade group. The moadonit includes 2 meals, help with homework, group activities, clubs, and staff meetings with social workers and hadracha staff. The bat sherut is in contact with the Welfare Bureau, madrichim and bnot sherut, volunteers, parents and children.
** This garin is only open for girls in their 2nd year of Sherut Leumi.

גרעין משימתי רעות

  • At-Risk Youth, Moadoniot and Matnasim