Darkaynu is a program for English-speaking young women with special needs who have finished high school, and come to Israel for a year or two for seminary at Midreshet Lindenbaum. This sherut leumi placement is to be a madricha for this group of girls and to help guide them through this amazing experience of becoming independent adults. Darkaynu doesn’t only focus on Torah study, but also on general life skills for gaining independence. As a madricha you will be mentoring them in many different areas including keeping a budget, making plans for “off” shabbatot, time management and much more. All of these skills will give the girls better abilities to adapt, which will enable them to progress towards a better, more meaningful adult life. This placement is only for English-speaking girls, who are at least one year out of high school. As a bat sherut you will live in Midreshet Lindenbaum, and accompany the Darkaynu girls throughout the day, guiding them and learning with them in the midrasha, as well as accompanying them outside of the midrasha to various activities. Being a Bat Sherut in Darkaynu is an extremely meaningful experience, and gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of the Darkayunu participant’s lives. Feel free to check out their website https://ots.org.il/program/darkaynu-women/

דרכינו - מדרשת לינדנבאום

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