Project “Vehadarta” Jerusalem is a project from the Ministry of Pensioners (retirees). The goal is to benefit and improve the conditions and lives of the elderly in Israel, specifically Holocaust survivors and immigrants. This includes addressing the social needs of the elderly. The Bat Sherut will accompany a social worker from the project. Volunteers receive weekly group training and individual training once every two weeks. The work is divided between private work in an elderly person’s house (usually, each girl will be working with four retirees) and group work in nursing homes and day- centers. The girls, along with the staff, facilitate special projects and events related to the calendar year. There is also a music program. Hours of work: 8am – 1pm in the home of an elderly person, 4pm – 6pm in a nursing home / day center.

והדרת ירושלים

  • Care of the Elderly