At Hadassah Ein Karem hospital the Kitat Yiladim provides hospitalized children with entertainment in the ward for short or long terms stays and those who are suffering from diseases. The bnot sherut work in the play area, waiting rooms and the wards themselves to help the children get through their hospital stay as pleasantly as possible. The bnot sherut, with a lot of warmth and love, assist the children and their families in dealing with their hospitalization, sickness and pain. In this teken there is an emphasis on multinationalism and work with a varied population. There is a staff that includes teachers and volunteers who work in the Kitat Limud and computer room. The bat sherut runs games, the computers, arts and crafts projects and gives basic homework help, all with a lot of happiness and goodness of heart.

כיתת ילדים הדסה עין כרם

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