The new Herzl Center deals with the legacy of Zionism in general and of Hertz in particular, with an emphasis on the relevance of Zionism in our times. The center includes a spectacular audiovisual exhibit, tours on Har Herzl, and educational and research activities appropriate for each type of population. The various activities run in the center provide a thought-provoking perspective on the condition of the Jews according to Herzl’s analysis. The center’s activities reveal to the visitors Herzl’s daring dreams, he deepness of his disappointments and his stormy personal journey. The greatness of his achievements intensifies Herzl's vision and allows visitors to feel that they are part of the challenge that Herzl left behind as his legacy. The bnot sherut are an integral part of the quality educational team. After quality professional training, the bnot sherut give tours in the audiovisual exhibit and on Mount Herzl, and run workshops on the topic of Zionism to middle schoolers and soldiers. Hours of Work: 8-6, but sometimes later because the museum is open until late.

מוזיאון הרצל ירושלים

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