The Moatza L’Shlom HaYeled protects children’s rights and concerns itself with the wellbeing of all Israeli children in a variety of areas: educational, legal, therapeutic, and more. The bat sherut takes part in an educational project. The project comprises the challenging task of guiding and placing youth at risk. The bnot sherut work in a team called “the traveling children’s rights group” and run activities on the topics of rights and responsibility for kids in 3rd and 4th grade in elementary schools all over the country. The girls travel to run these activities 2-3 days a week. They receive guidance about how to gather reports from the children who approach them during and after each activity. In addition to the task of running these important activities, there is organizational work having to do with the traveling component and group office work during the days in which they do not run activities. It is meaningful and satisfying work. Requirements include: capacity to run activities, approachability to children, ability to take charge, diligence, dedication, responsibility, and timeliness (flexibility with regard to morning hours). Notes: It should be taken into consideration that the bat sherut may have to wake up early in the morning on activity days. This work may be combined with study at a midrasha.

מועצה לאומית לשלום הילד

  • Elementary Schools, At-Risk Youth, Organization & Administration