Sdeh Chemed is a religious elementary school, grades 1-6, with separate classes. The school also has Olim from Ethiopia. It is a special school with an incredible and professional staff that’s set for itself the goal of educating their students experientially and comfortably. The bnot sherut help academically privately and in groups, and in the classrooms. The girls also offer academic help after the school day. They receive responsibility over projects in the school like the weekly newspaper, student government, and a new project called “field of my dreams- sdey chalomotay,” which works based on a psychological method in which the kids enter a small room and learn experiencialy in small groups. The girls are accompanied and helped by the school administrator throughout the school year, and become an inseperable part of the school. In the afternoons, the bnot sherut here are involved in all aspects of the community. Each Bat Sherut picks among the options of: an afternoon Mo’adoneet Revacha (welfare), private one-on-one sessions with children of the community, the youth departments, “helping progress the youth”, kids with special needs, the elderly, a mo’adoneet for Ethiopian immigrants, a mo’adoneet for special needs children, after school programs, and social initiatives of your own that contribute to being active in the community. Hours of work: 8:00-16:00 and Fridays

ממ"ד שדה חמד

  • Elementary Schools, Moadoniot and Matnasim, Immigration Absorption