Ma’aleh Torah (Boys) school is a religious school in Ma’aleh Adumim. The school belongs to the religious schools of ma’aleh adumim but includes even more rich additions of torah study. The school is split into two separate schools, one for the girls and one for the boys. The atmosphere in the school is special, happy, and comfortable. The staff is warm, with many members who are very experienced and many who are young and passionate with high goals of successes and progress. In addition the bnot sherut assist the weaker students in the school, both privately and in groups, inside and outside the classroom, and also serve as role models for the students. There is space for initiative of the bnot sherut for your own goals and aspirations. Each bat sherut is given a set personal schedule, which can be changed according the specific needs that change throughout the year. In the afternoons, the bnot sherut here are involved in all aspects of the community. Each Bat Sherut picks among the options of: an afternoon Mo’adoneet Revacha (welfare), private one-on-one sessions with children of the community, the youth departments, “helping progress the youth”, kids with special needs, the elderly, a mo’adoneet for Ethiopian immigrants, a mo’adoneet for special needs children, after school programs, and social initaitves of your own that contribute to being active in the community. Hours of work: 8:00-15:30 and Fridays

מעלה התורה בנים

  • Elementary Schools, Moadoniot and Matnasim, Immigration Absorption