'Neshima' is a program that was created and is operated by the educational organization "Artists and Musicians for Israel – A.M.I". The goal of 'Neshima' is to touch the existing identity crisis in the post-modern world, which includes many different types of identity crisis, such as self-identity crisis, Jewish-identity crisis, Israeli-identity crisis and more. 'Neshima' runs workshops of an artistic nature – giving musical instruments, heightening and renewing awareness of the artistic soul within us, while dealing with pressing ethical issues. The workshops are delivered by artists of 'Neshima', such as Yehuda Katz, Golan Azoulay, Shira Golan, Gilad Vital, Rachel Yaakov and more. We are looking for a musician/dancer that will be part of our organization and will lead workshops in her area to schools who need to promote Jewish and Israeli identity in a different way.

מרכז בשבילנו- אומנות מוזיקה זהות ירושלים

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