Merkaz Ma'aleh Ora is a center with the goal to teach in public pre-schools and elementary schools values in Judaism and the Torah, and to connect people whom are religious and secular to one another. We are looking for girls of a high religious level. Bnot Sherut that join this special work have the ability to work in a diverse manner which includes both preparing materials and giving it over in schools. Every girl receives a public school which she accompanies throughout the year in order to create a personal connection with the students. The bat sherut gives over these classes as part of the set school schedule, and gives over lessons that she prepared in topics of Judaism throughout the year. In addition to this, the bnot sherut are responsible for activities that are given over in the community, for example in the community centers and so on. This is a special job which has diversity and a strong connection to the community.

מרכז מעלה אורה מעלה אדומים

  • Elementary Schools, Jewish Hadracha