The “One Family” foundation, founded in the year 2000, works with families from around the country who are victims of terror. The population they work with is of all ages. The foundations cares for the families who have been affected by terror through assistance in any and every issue. It organizes activities for the family and gives tremendous emotional support. The bat sheirut works in the warm house for the bereaved families. There are workshops and activities are run for the families, and likewise good human relations. The bat sheirut is in contact with the families over the computer. She invites and encourages them to come to the activities and workshops in the house, she inputs details regarding memorials, and gives response to any need the families may have. Half of her time she will be with the families in the workshops and activities, where she sits with them as they arrive at the home and makes conversation. She is also responsible for all the logistics of the workshops and organizes activities.

Girls are needed who are emotionally mature, mentally strong, serious, attentive, have experience with hadracha,and are able to cope in the face of bereavement and grief. Girls should excel in having a warm heart, have great interpersonal relation skills, and form good relationships.

משפחה אחת