Makom BaLev is the OU’s youth group in Israel. The youth group extends across the country, from Nahariya to Netivot. It deals with youth in grades 5-12 who do not belong to other youth groups and part of whom come from welfare-supported and hardship-ridden populations. The bat sherut works in a number of areas: 1. Teaching Judaism in the public school in Bet Shemesh – a number of mornings a week. She teaches various content related to deepening one’s connection to Judaism. 2. Being a counselor in the Makom BaLev Youth Group for groups during free hours, afternoons. Working in tandem with and maintaining a connection with the school. One-on-one conversations. Taking part in the value-based activities of the school. Continuous connection with the mechanechet of the class, giving a constant flow of updates and reports about activities. During the activities in school, which will be in the morning hours, she will use Facebook and livestream the events. 3. Work in the National Headquarters in Jerusalem – taking part in countrywide projects (seminars, Shabbatons etc.), joint projects, giving countrywide workshops during the course of the year in all of the Makom BaLev branches. Requirements: Girls with self-confidence, skillful oral communication, creativity, and building lesson plans.

מ. לזהות יהודית מקום בלב

  • High Schools, Youth Movements