Shekel is an organisation, which provides communal services for people with special needs. The organisation helps those with many sorts of disability. There are two possibilities in sherut. The first is either accompanying chanichim to protected jobs in the Shekel operated production lines, which employ those over 21 people, who manufacture candles, soap, cartons, electronic goods etc, or the bat sherut accompanies the chanich to work in the general job market. The girls accompany the chanichim and help in their general integration, implementation of personal plans, preparation of social activities etc. The work is from 7:30 to 15:30. The second option is to work in the communal living spaces that Shekel organises. There is a network of 80 apartments in Jerusalem, in which adults with special needs live. The job includes accompanying the chanichim to activities, arranging activities, help acquiring skills etc. The apartments have a varied population. The girls accompany the chanichim and have a personal connection with them, while accompanying them and helping them to perform basic activities. This work is 14:00-22:00. Looking for responsible girls, who take initiative and are creative. This teken can accompany work in any of the moadonim of the organisation, which include group singing, playing music, theatre, art etc. One can continue on working after sherut.

עמותת שק״ל