Tza'ad Kadima is a program for adolescents and young adults suffering from cerebral palsy and other conditions involving motor skills.The goal is to gradually instill in them the skills needed to go about their everyday lives independently, and eventually, bring them to a point where they will have the ability to live on their own. In order to achieve this goal a "practice apartment" was set up. The apartment can house up to 8 residents at a time - and for many of them it is their first time experiencing a life away from home.In the apartment, the bnot sherut serve as "motherly madrichot" and assist the residents in completing routine tasks of everyday life, such as preparing dinner, going to chugim, showering, cleaning and other skills they must acquire to be independent. This demands a fair share of physical and sometimes labor-intensive work on the part of the madrichot. The workday of the bnot sherut begins in the afternoon at "Ilanot" - a special school for students aged 14-21 suffering from CP, a school which all of the residents attend.At the end of the school day, the students are transported to the "practice apartment", accompanied by the bnot sherut of course. As the apartment cannot accommodate all of the students at once, there is a rotation among the students, so that each of them spends between 1-2 nights a week on average at the apartment.

צעד קדימה ירושלים