Clalit Health Services is one of the largest and most successful health service providers in Israel that gives great health services and is very reliable. The staff in the office has decided to bring in a bat sherut that will have complete responsibility and will help in many of the tasks around the clinic. Our bnot sherut will be placed at one of the many different clinics all over Jerusalem. The bat sherut has truly become a full time staff member of the clinic. There are two types of jobs in the clinics: 1- Medical Secretary - which includes office work, making appointments, working at reception, computer work, filing and more. 2- Nurse - Acting as the nurses assistant, which includes helping take blood, checking blood pressures, checking EKG’s, checking weights and more. In both types of work the bat sherut is fully integrated and has a lot of responsibilities in many different areas. Hours of Work: According to the specific clinics hours. One free day a week.

קופ"ח כללית