Kav L'Noar addresses a specific set of needs for youth at risk, some of them from Israeli families and some from Anglo families. (Therefore this job requires one fo be fluent in English and Hebrew!) Kav L'Noar makes contact with families and youth (aged 10-18) who are dealing with various challenges, whether it is family disputes, lack of success in school, difficulty in adjusting to life in Israel, social and religious issues, abuse and more. We provide mentorship and professional advice, that is comprehensive and culturally sensitive in Hebrew or English, in a safe and comfortable environment. The role of the bat sherut is mainly office work in both English and Hebrew. Additionally, she comes once or twice a week to a high school in Jerusalem to help a girl with difficulties in school, and if it is fit then she will mentor as well. Hours of work: 9:00-17:00

קו לנוער ירושלים

  • At-Risk Youth, High Schools