<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Kibbutz Reishit is an urban kibbutz whose members reside in the "Kiryat Menachem" neighborhood of Jerusalem, known for its reputation of being "run down". The purpose of living inside the neighborhood is to improve it "from within", serving as role models and strengthening the community as a whole, while helping the individual residents.In the mornings, the bnot sherut are stationed in "Reishit", the local elementary school, where they help students who are struggling academically (many of them olim from Ethiopia) and organize social events and activities for the students including tiyulim and "rosh chodesh" parties. In the afternoon, the bnot sherut run an after school program for the students called "Negba", where they help students complete their homework and give them extra help in subjects they want to strengthen. In addition, the girls plan and run a variety of activities, both educational and just plain fun – enriching the student's knowledge and most importantly – giving them reasons to laugh and smile despite the challenging reality they face each day.Last but not least, The bnot sherut are in charge of managing the "youth group" of the kibbutz with the help of volunteer madrichim. Throughout the year, the bnot sherut form very close and meaningful relationships with the children and their families – building their self- confidence and helping them slowly transition into mainstream society.

קיבוץ ראשית