Keren Or is an organization which assists children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. Keren Or runs schools for blind people from toddlers to adults. Each class has 6-7 people and includes learning with the addition of rehabilitative elements (physical therapy, occupational therapy and more etc.). There are also housekeeping classes and gymnastics. Keren Or also has a pnimia (live-in apartment) attached to it. Keren Or works based on the principles that: everyone deserves to be able to move on his/her own as much as possible, people should be given as much equipment as possible to help them see, technology can change lives of those with blindness, every child deserves a chance to shine and live a life of dignity. The bat sherut in Keren Or acts as a teacher's assistant in the Keren Or school.

קרן אור

  • Special Needs Children Schools/Programs