Sherut Leumi

Sherut Leumi (National Service) is a totally voluntary, one to two year national service option for religious women who are exempt from military service. Sherut Leumi provides the unique opportunity to give back to Israeli society in a truly meaningful way, while simultaneously fostering personal growth and improvement within each volunteer. Service placements reach all areas of Israeli society including education, welfare, at-risk youth, government, health clinics, immigrant assistance, disadvantaged communities, and much more. Hundreds of social welfare and community building projects are able to exist in Israel due to these young women, Bnot Sherut, who enthusiastically dedicate themselves to the improvement of the Jewish future in Israel.

Top 5 Questions about Sherut Leumi: 

Who can serve in Sherut Leumi? 

A recent change in the Sherut Leumi system mandates that only Israeli citizens who have an exemption (ptor) from the IDF can serve in Sherut Leumi. This means that non-citizens must make aliyah, receive a draft letter from the IDF in the mail, and receive an exemption from IDF service before they begin Sherut Leumi on September 1st. In order to receive your exemption by September 1st, you must make aliyah before August 1st. Most Sherut Leumi Placement organizations will allow you to apply to Sherut Leumi before you have made aliyah on condition that you will make aliyah before your service begins. If you have any questions about the aliyah process or your specific status as a citizen, please be in touch with Nefesh B’Nefesh

**we would like to stress that the decision to make Aliyah should only be made once you are sure you want to live in Israel permanently.

How does Sherut Leumi work? 

There are several placement organizations (Amuta) for Sherut Leumi: Aminadav, Bat Ami, Haaguda Lehitnadvut, Shilo, and Shilat. Each of these organizations is responsible for hundreds of Sherut Leumi positions. This means that each Sherut Leumi job is connected to one of the organizations. The placement organization is responsible for hiring and caring for the Bnot Sherut who serve at their designated Sherut Leumi locations. For example, if someone wants to do Sherut Leumi at a specific hospital, she needs to find out which placement organization is connected to the hospital and apply through that placement organization. Although each placement organization runs separately, they all offer the same benefits and have the same standards. We advise you to choose your Sherut position based on your needs, and the job that you are interested in before choosing which organization to work with.


Miyunim Mukdamim (Early Interviews) is the early sign-up and interview process for certain Sherut Leumi placements. This process usually occurs in December, several weeks earlier than most sherut leumi places. Click here for a list of options for Miyunim Mukdamim 



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AUG. 31








What am I looking for when I am looking into Sherut Leumi?

Sherut Leumi has hundreds of options all over the country which can make it very challenging to choose only a few Tkanim (placements) to interview at. It is important to be able to narrow down your options. You should start by looking through our translated Tkanim and even more on the Organization's websites (Aminadav, Bat Ami, Haaguda Lehitnadvut, Shilo, and Shilat) and seeing what interests you. Once you’ve narrowed down a few categories that you are interested in, we recommend speaking to people who have worked in those types of jobs, check out our experience guide for info and contacts!. The next step is to make a list of what your priorities are for next year (learn Hebrew in an Israeli apartment vs having Anglo roommates); it will help you narrow down your list of options based on what is available for those needs. We recommend choosing a maximum of 5 places to interview at (And they can be under different Amutot).

4.How do I sign up for Sherut Leumi?

The process of signing up for Sherut Leumi is simple, but not always so clear cut. We have one on one guidance you can sign up for and a Mellavah will help you with your research, answer any questions, and offer general support. Once you’ve chosen your top 5 places to interview at, you should sign up for the Amutot those jobs belong to. If you are having trouble creating an account please contact us and we will help you figure out what the problem is. The date when you can sign up for interviews is usually late January/ early February, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on when exactly that date will be.

5. How does HNY help me with this whole process?

We are here for you every step of the way! From the beginning you can sign up for a Mellavah (link to mellavah form) to help guide you through the process. Starting in January, we will be hosting events where you can meet current Bnot Sherut, hear about their experiences, learn how the interview process works, and even practice interviewing in Hebrew. If you need anything at all during this process, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! 

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