Signing up for Websites

Are you ready to sign up for your Sherut Leumi website? That is great! Remember that it is important to only open accounts on the organization websites that are connected to the particular jobs that interest you.

**For Shilo you sign up by getting in touch with one of their Rakazot. If you have more questions about this process contact us

On most sites where it says Teudat Zehut, you will be able to put your passport number (you might need to add a 0 to the beginning or end to make it 9 digits.) If you have trouble opening an account without an official Teudat Zehut please contact us and we will help you! 

Feeling overwhelmed by the Hebrew? Don't worry! We have translated guides for each website here: 

Part of signing up for Sherut is filling out a She'elon Hechven (a guidance questionnaire) here is a translated guide to help you out with that too! You won't be able to fill this out without a Teudat Zehut number, but the form doesn't need to be completed until the beginning of your Sherut, so make sure to fill it out once you make Aliyah!