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As you explore all of your options for a meaningful and challenging service, we know that the best decision is the most informed one! That’s why we’ve translated hundreds of Sherut Leumi placements (tkanim) in organizations and institutions all across Israel. Take some time to search through the categories above, mark off the ones you’re interested in, and learn about the unbelievable organizations that may be looking for someone like you.

While this list is a great resource to search for the best Sherut Leumi placement for you, it is by no means a complete list! Of over a thousand Sherut Leumi placements, we’ve included the placements that are most popular for Anglos and a whole bunch of other meaningful and unique positions. You can look for additional Sherut Leumi placements by visiting our
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Please note, Here Next Year aims to offer the most up to date information about Sherut Leumi options. There is always the possibility that changes have been made, of which we are still unaware. Feel free to
contact us with any questions and inquiries, and we will put you in touch with those able to offer the most up to date information.

And make sure to check back - we’re always adding new tkanim!