Shilo is the religious wing of She"l. They guide each prospective bat sherut through the entire process and cut out the need for navigating any confusing websites.
Follow these steps to sign up for Sherut Leumi through Shilo:

Research Placements and Speak With A Rep


In order to sign up for sayarot in Shilo you must call the Shilo representative who will sign you up for sayarot. You have two options of how to figure out which sayarot you want to sign up for. You can either do research and find specific sayarot you want to sign up for or you can speak to the Shilo representative in the area you wish to serve, who will give you specific recommendations based on your preferences:

Rachel (Jerusalem Area): 054-6830033
Ilana (Merkaz Area - includes Tel Aviv, Givat Shmuel and surrounding areas): 054-5441624
Rinat (Darom Area - includes Kiryat Gat, Ashdod, Ashkelon and surrounding areas): 052-3122665
Limor (Tzafon Area - includes Tzfat, Kiryat Shmona and surrounding areas): 052-7902010

Avigayil (Chaifa Area): 054-8700633
Racheli (Sharon Area - includes Raanana, Herzliya, Netanya and surrounding areas): 052-6144718

here for a list of translated Sherut Leumi options on the Here Next Year website. 




The Interview Process


After the phone call, Shilo will send you information on when and where your sayarot will take place. If at any time you want to cancel a specific sayeret you will be in touch with the Shilo representative and let her know. 



Acceptance Process


Once you’ve gone to your interviews, you’ll begin to receive notices about whether you’ve been accepted. You will usually have between 1-2 weeks to give each place your final answer about whether or not you will serve there.


If you didn’t like any of the places at which you interviewed, let Shilo know and they’ll work with you to find a place that is more suitable for you. Once you’ve chosen a place to serve, you will usually be given around 1-2 weeks to respond. If you weren’t accepted to any of the places where you applied, let Shilo know and they will help you find a place that will suit you.


If you have any questions speak to your Here Next Year Sherut Leumi Rakezet. If you do not have a Sherut Leumi Rakezet us, send us an email and we will pair you with one!