Women in the IDF serve in many different units, both combat and non-combat. Women may serve through Machal for 18 months or as Israeli citizens for 2 years. Women who want to serve in combat positions must commit to two years and eight months of service. The process for drafting is generally the same for women and men, although women will have to attend gibbushim (tryouts) in order to join any combat unit. Be advised - it is very difficult to be a religious woman in a combat unit.


There are literally thousands of jobs open to women in the IDF. It is important to work on your Hebrew before you join. Being able to speak and understand the language are integral to success in many positions.


Popular combat-support jobs for women are Madrichat Chir (infantry instructor), Madrichat Shiryon (tank instructor), Madrichat Nun Mem (anti-aircraft instructor), Madrichat Handassah (field intelligence instructor), Madasnikit (fitness trainer), Mashakit Kliya (shooting instructor), Mashakit Chinuch (teacher), Choveshet (medic), Doveret Tzahal (army spokeswoman), Kishrei Chutz (foreign relations worker) and more.


Popular combat units for women are Karakal, Oketz and Totchanim.


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